Will they work for me?

This is the million dollar question, and while there are no guarantees, I’m confident the answer is yes! In order to produce a tool that is general enough to work for a mass audience the questions are not specific to any discipline or topic. That said, feedback received so far suggests that they are useful, […]

How are they used?

There are various ways in which the cards could be used and over the coming months we’ll be adding ideas shared on twitter about how they’re most helpful. As an initial exercise, the following steps are recommended: Read through all the questions once. Don’t spend too long thinking about them, just familiarise yourself with the […]

What’s in the box?

There are 44 cards in the box, one introducing the categorisation and the others falling into one of the four categories. The categories are roughly parallel to what you’re likely to have written about in your thesis, and the type of questioning offered by most examiners. They are: Introduction and context Methods, design and analysis […]

Where did Viva Cards come from?

Over ten years ago, after four hard years of slog, I sat my own PhD viva. If I’m completely honest I didn’t know how to prepare for my viva, and there wasn’t a lot of support available (this was the days before social media or online discussion forums) so I just recovered and relaxed for […]