I’m delighted to share that we finally have new stock with new packaging.

Since VivaCards were first launched the UK postal system has changed its pricing structures significantly. As a consequence it has frustrated me for a long time that the original VivaCards boxes were too large to send as ‘large letters’, this effectively meant that the price of postage and packing had almost doubled in the last few years.

Additionally, lovely as the original boxes were, they were technically too large for the number of cards in a pack, so customers were effectively paying more, to give themselves a nice looking but too large box. The final issue that I had with the boxes was that my supplier was not always able to meet my demands, and they themselves were shipping the boxes from China.

I had a lovely feedback email at the end of last year from someone who had been leant a pack of cards and had found them so useful, they were wanting to buy a pack to gift to a friend. Unfortunately I couldn’t provide them with the cards as my supplier could not deliver the boxes. They told me they’d be available in January but when I contacted them this was pushed back until April.

The combination of the positive feedback and the frustration of not being able to deliver, led to a re-think. The cards now come in a lighter weight, smaller box in newly designed packaging. We’ve also been able to include an instruction leaflet, and both are printed in the UK reducing airmiles significantly.

The benefit to VivaCards customers is that the postage and packing costs have almost halved in the UK and reduced to EU and rest of world customers too. It will now cost £1.80 to send the cards UK Second Class, £2 to send UK First Class, £4.50 to send within the EU, and £5.80 to send elsewhere in the world.

I hope that customers will be as delighted with the new version of VivaCards as we are. You can purchase cards here.