Over ten years ago, after four hard years of slog, I sat my own PhD viva. If I’m completely honest I didn’t know how to prepare for my viva, and there wasn’t a lot of support available (this was the days before social media or online discussion forums) so I just recovered and relaxed for the first couple months and then set about re-reading my thesis and annotating it, covering it with stickers and post its. On the day I found the viva to be a much more positive experience than I’d imagined, however it was unbelievably stressful entering a room without being confident I had done the right preparation. I’ve written about that experience in more detail before on my personal blog.

IMG_1730What has that to do with Viva Cards I hear you ask? Well that sense of having been underprepared stayed with me and I made a point of trying to support other friends and colleagues as they approached their own vivas. Then a couple years ago I produced a first set of written prompts, on record cards, to help a friend prepare for his MPhil Viva.┬áSince then I’ve made several sets of cards for people, all of which have been received with great enthusiasm. More recently people started suggesting that I publish them.┬áSo, here we are, with the first version available.